Rose round-up – drawings and paintings

I had the idea to do a post on all my rose paintings and drawings the other week. I figured it would be a compilation of links to the individual posts for each piece … then I discovered a couple of watercolor paintings featuring roses that I have not blogged either here or the previous version on blogspot. Even more embarrassing is that one of the rose watercolor paintings is my header image!

The two missing watercolor rose paintings

Yes indeed, somehow I forgot to blog my Yellow Rose painting, even though it was the first nice watercolor painting I did back at the end of 2020. I also discovered I had forgotten to upload it to Daily PaintWorks, where I have my original art pieces available, and also forgot to upload it to my RedBubble shop for apparel and accessories, though it has been up on my Pixels store for prints for over a year. Well, that has now been fixed, and it is up and available.

Yellow Rose watercolor painting
Yellow Rose, watercolor, 6.25 by 9 inches, available $45 USD

Small red rosebud

Another early watercolor painting that turned out nicely is Red Rosebud 1, a small 5 by 7 inch piece I did early last year – probably inspired by Valentine’s Day that was coming up. I did have it scanned and uploaded already, but it was scanned with the old scanner and I decided to rescan it because my current scanner is just that much better. So, rescans have been uploaded – but in the process I discovered a dirty spot on the top tape line that is not coming off, so I am hesitant to offer the original now. Prints are available at my Pixels store, while apparel and accessories are at the usual spot at RedBubble. If I can clean that spot off the original, I’ll post it as available, but I may need to do a little research on how to get dirt off a watercolor sealed with cold wax medium. Here is the rescan, which shows the colors so much better than the previous one.

Red Rosebud watercolor painting
Red Rosebud 1, 5 by 7 inch watercolor, prints available

Links to the rest of my rose artwork

Now for the roundup of my previous posts involving rose artwork:

Eight so far – but I intend to expand upon that this summer. It was actually fun looking over my work and seeing how many roses I’ve drawn and painted so far.

11 thoughts on “Rose round-up – drawings and paintings

  1. Yes, the yellow rose is very nice. I met a water colorist at the weekend. David R Smith. He was giving a four day workshop on water color at our local art association and was the judge for our big annual competition. I’m very pleased to report that he chose one of my pieces as first prize in the photography section. I didn’t enter my drawing of a butterfly!

  2. Forgotten jewels. I thought that was something only photographers did. Go on a photo outing, shoot several images, fine a fair number of keepers, work them up then forget to upload one or two. Sometime, for me at least, I even remember being really happy with the shot! Nice to know it’s not just me nor just photographers. Lovely work my friend.

    1. Thanks, Bob. I can totally understand how a photog would forget one or two, but this was a case of starting the first version of the blog half a year after the paintings were painted, then with moving here to my own domain they just got lost in the shuffle.

  3. Beautiful roses, Katrina! Do you think you’ll be able to find a way to clean the spot on your original? Keeping track of where you uploaded each piece of artwork can be challenging. I use an Excel worksheet to keep track of each one, but there are still times that I’ve discovered one was missing.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I’ll give the spot on the Red Rosebud another try at cleaning it off, but if that doesn’t pan out then I’ll probably just repaint it.
      Actually, repainting it sounds easier at this point. As much as I might dislike spreadsheets, they may be necessary.

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