About the Artist

 Howdy y’all, I am Katrina Gunn.  I started drawing the summer I was five, and for years the only thing I wanted to draw was horses.  The summer I was seven, I found a twelve-piece set of semi-hard pastels in a closet at my grandparents\’ house which turned out to have once been my mother\’s set.  She told me I could have them, and that started me on a color journey.  Growing up, our local PBS station would run The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and The Magic of Painting with Bill Alexander back-to-back on Saturdays after the cartoons ended.  In high school, I started drawing other things, including portraits of people, and I even took a semester of drawing my freshman year of college, in the autumn of 1991.  

Then life happened.  I still drew from time to time, when the inspiration struck, but I didn’t do much with it other than sometimes buying a cheap frame at WalMart and hanging one or two pieces on the walls.  After I returned from Iraq in early 2004, I drew only a handful of things, then stopped for fifteen years.

In September of 2019, in a new home with a new husband who kept urging me to pick my art up again, I bought a new sketchbook and started to draw again – and the floodgates opened up like never before.  I tried watercolor at the end of 2019, then tried a couple different brands during 2020, while returning to my first love of pastels and trying oil pastels again.  Then I decided it was time to try that medium I felt was the ultimate goal of my art: oil paint.  I am still climbing the learning curve of oil painting, and it does take a while to dry whether I paint alla prima (all at one time) or use the multiple layers of the Flemish method.  As I approach “the big five-oh” I realize I have more patience than I did when I was younger, so oil painting feels achievable now.

Originals are available where noted, and prints can be ordered at either my Pixels store or at my RedBubble store.