Commission Work

 I am open to commission work.  Pitch me your idea, and I’ll either accept or decline.  I will only be working on commissions that inspire, intrigue, or challenge me, as I don’t want to just do mediocre.  Some subjects I enjoy are:

  • flowers
  • butterflies and dragonflies
  • birds, particularly flamingoes and eagles right now
  • horses (and soon more animals)

If you want something not on this list – ask me. I am on Facebook as KM Gunn Art.  I can be emailed at artist (at) kmgunnart (dot) com, use the subject line “commission work” so I know it is not spam. If it is something I am just not feeling, I’ll decline.  As an example, my dad asked me if I would be painting a late ’60s/early ’70s muscle car.  I declined, saying even if I did paint or draw one, he probably wouldn’t like it as it would be uninspired.  Now, a sailboat, from a personal dinghy up to a majestic tall ship – that is a subject I am interested in and want to work with.  

I will be getting into drawing and painting people again, but right now I am rusty and not satisfied with what I have sketched so far.  If you are willing to be patient, I can take on a portrait commission, but will only take those one at a time.