Flamingo in Rippled Water

I did complete the seven day art challenge, even if I didn’t post everything here (or Fakebook).  In all, I have six flamingo paintings and one beach sunrise painting, and this is the flamingo painting I like best of the six.

A pink flamingo feeds in rippled blue-green water along the shore, with its feathers and the water ripples catching the early morning sun light.  This is a twelve by nine inch watercolor painting on watercolor paper.

Flamingo in Rippled Water, 12x9in watercolor

The (unframed) original painting is available, sealed with art wax and in a plastic sleeve to protect it, for $120 USD.  Prints are available at my Pixels store, and accessories and apparel at my RedBubble store. (links open in new tab/window)  I’ll see if Leo at Leo’s Fine Sushi in Palatka would like to display it.  If so, look for a comment to this post.

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