Starting the Daisy Challenge with a Blind Contour Drawing

I have started a new art challenge at the usual forum, where the challenge mastermind Abbie has been running a series of three-day challenges which started with the “fire” challenge, then moved to two challenges that had themes that just aren’t in my repertoire, bedroom items and aircraft. When I saw the theme for this challenge, I knew I wanted to to do it- daisies. I have a folder of reference photos on my computer marked daisies, not to mention a collection of more ref photos over on Pixabay – which reminds me: I really ought to start linking to the original photos I base my paintings and drawings on so y’all can see how I interpret them since I do not actually copy the reference photos.

This will also address a second challenge from here on the blog, the blind contour drawing challenge I linked to in last week’s Feature Friday, so this first piece covers both. I pulled out my almost-full sketchbook that has served me so well these past two years, then grabbed three oil pastels (because I am still in a bit of an oil pastel mood) and set up my inspiration: an unfinished acrylic painting that has been waiting for its feature in an “On the Easel” post here, or for me to feel like finishing it. I’ll likely work on it today when the storms roll in and knock out our satellite internet connection (like yesterday). I didn’t close my eyes, but I didn’t look at my sketch – I looked at this:

unnamed 10×10 inch acrylic painting of a bee on a daisy on stretched canvas

I had started this so enthusiastically a while back, then had to stop working on it to put critters up or something to do with the critters, I honestly don’t remember exactly why, but I put it on the easel the other week and my mother-in-law saw it last time she came down and remarked how much she likes it so far. (Note ref photo for this is here on Pixabay, for those curious.)

Blind contour daisy drawing

Now, for the blind contour reveal. I’ll say upfront that it isn’t bad for not looking at it – I tend to have a good spatial memory, and if you tilt your head to the side and maybe squint it looks like the unfinished painting on the easel.

blind contour drawing of the daisy

Blind contour drawings can run the range from abstract to primitive to just downright funny-looking, and this one fits in there somewhere. It’s a fun little exercise, and often provokes laughter, which is a good way to start out for a day’s art session. Art doesn’t always need to be so serious. For those who missed it last week, Siena Blue came up with this idea and will be posting links to all the participants on the 15th for an old-fashion blog hop/link party (which is another fun thing we used to do back in the day that I would love to see make a comeback).

So, who else is brave enough to post up their blind contour drawings?

16 thoughts on “Starting the Daisy Challenge with a Blind Contour Drawing

  1. I love the look of your blind daisy! Not many links have arrived yet, perhaps I will extend it to June 30th. I joined some quilting link parties about four years ago over on blogger. I don’t see them on wordpress at all. I guess it is up to us to revive the tradition.

    1. Agreed – I am trying to revive the tradition of doing link round-ups for the weekend, because that tends to benefit all involved. So far, not much luck, but I’d be happy to work with you on bringing back some of the old blogosphere fun.

        1. The amusing thing is, I just finished and uploaded a watercolor piece where I only used four colors, though I can see now how I could do it in only three, so I’ll play on that when you post it.

  2. I’ve always like daisies. Certainly one of my favorite flowers, especially the wild Oxeye daises I photograph every Spring. The fact that these were my late wife’s favorite flowers only adds to my appreciation of these pretty little blooms. Nice work Katrina!

    1. Thank you, Bob! I did an ox-eye daisy last year in charcoal and pastel pencil, just realized I never posted it here on the blog. I’ll try to get to it this week.

    1. Give it a try – at worst you’ll have something to chuckle about. (Drawing is a skill – I’ve been drawing since at least the age of five.)

  3. Drawing “blind contours” and “eyes closed” have been very helpful exercises for me. Thanks for taking part in the “link party” and sharing your art. I think it would be fun to get an occasional “blog hop” going. 🙂

    1. Blog hops are fun, and help introduce new readers to new blogs (your mention of Siena’s challenge introduced me to her blog). Blogging used to be a community thing, before Facebook took over the social aspect of it.

      1. Yes, blog hops really can be fun, and I used to find a lot of new blogs that way. I’m hoping our art community here can put together a little “hop” maybe at the end of the summer.

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