Just a quick post about not doing as much art right now. It’s the best of reasons: Francis kidded Tuesday around sunset, and this year she had triplets! She has given me the little billy I was hoping for, with two future milking nannies. All three are now on the bottle, which is the fastest I have been able to get an entire sibling group to accept the bottle. At only three days old, their little stomachs cannot hold much per feeding, so right now I am going out every three hours to feed. Now, for the obligatory baby goat photo – these three are not posing for me, so this is the best I can do right now (after more than two days of trying – I have quite the collection of photos of their rears).

my three newest baby goat kids
first goat kids of 2022

While I will likely be sketching these cute little dirt monsters soon, and even the out of focus photos help with that, I just wanted an excuse to post the goat kid photo, because I know a few of y’all love to see them and aren’t on Facebook. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Lovely little story! You will certainly have to try to get some photos of them. I can imagine them being posed in a nice studio environment when they are a little older!

    1. It makes for a challenge with only two hands to hold bottles but three kids wanting them (now a fourth, though his sister is being stubborn as a goat).

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