Blue Dragonfly

A colored pencil work on toned paper, Blue Dragonfly shows a very common visitor to our property.  The dragonflies don’t tend to hold still long enough for me to take a couple dozen pictures in hopes of having one turn out decent, so I found the reference photo over on a site called Pixabay, which has thousands of copyright-free photos for artists and graphic designers.

This year we have seen a new color variation of dragonfly – in addition to the blues, the greens, and the copper/rust ones, I remarked the other morning that we have now seen a black dragonfly with yellow segments on the tail.  Once I get a good enough grasp on the dragonfly body and wing shapes, I’ll try to draw one of those as well, but for this piece I decided to start with the most-familiar blue dragonfly.

The original is available through Daily PaintWorks.  Prints are available at my Pixels store and prints and accessories are at my RedBubble store. (links open in new tab/window)

Blue Dragonfly, 12x9in colored pencil on toned paper

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